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Cla Val Pressure Reducing & Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves Cla Val Model 90G-21

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Pressure Reducing Valves Cla Val Model 90G-21 is essential in any fire protection system. Cla Val Model 90G-21, available in globe and angle patterns, is highly reliable in all systems and is easy to maintain. They automatically reduce higher inlet pressure to a steady lower outlet pressure regardless of changing flow rate and varying pressure. Another major advantage is that they are available in a variety of material options.

Pressure Reducing CLA-VAL type 55L/55L-60

Pressure reducing CLA-VAL model 55L-60 is typically used in a fire protection system to trim water pressure, thus preventing pressure build-up whenever line pressure exceeds the setting of the spring. This series of CLA-VAL model is also used in conjunction with fire pumping systems to relieve excess pressure, control pump draws, or prevent surge, depending on the configuration and pilot controls. These valves are not only durable and reliable, but they are also backed by the more than 80 years of control valve expertise and the best customer service in the business.

Pressure Relief Valve Model 50B- 4KG Globe and 2050-4KG1 Angle

Pressure Relief Valve Model 50B- 4KG Globe and 2050-4KG1 Angle accommodates a wide range of flow rates, closes gradually for surge-free operation, and is not affected by pressure at valve discharge. When fire demand slows or ceases, Cla-Val Model 50B-4KG1 opens, diverting entire pump output to discharge, allowing the fire pump to be stopped without causing surging in the lines.

Pressure Reducing Valve CRD-L

CLA-VAL pressure reducing valve CRD-L meets the requirements of “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act and operates in any position. This valve is an accurate regulator capable of holding downstream pressure to a predetermined amount, regardless of upstream pressure fluctuations. It is mostly used in high rise buildings to control pressure fluctuations between floors.